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Monday, March 14, 2011

Blended approach extends reach by Della Bradshaw

"A mix of online and face to face teaching is becoming popular but it rarely reduces costs", writes Della Bradshaw.

The lines between face-to-face teaching and traditional online learning are blurring
Photo: The Financial Times 

What a difference a year makes. Twelve months ago the most adventurous business schools were experimenting with e-readers – Kindles – to replace paper case studies and textbooks, and Facebook to boost student recruitment. Today, e-readers are passé; Facebook ubiquitous.

As tablet devices such as the iPad replace e-readers for both degree and non-degree learning, personalised electronic textbooks replace their paper counterparts, and web-based seminars – webinars – replace the classroom experience, technology is moving beyond its role in student support and becoming an intrinsic element of the pedagogy.

The lines between traditional face-to-face teaching and traditional distance learning programmes are blurring and “blended learning”, combining virtual with face-to-face teaching, is the latest buzz phrase.

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Source: The Financial Times