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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Academia releases first ever Youtube-video text book by 'author' Alexandra Juhasz

Alexandra Juhasz, a professor of media studies from Pitzer College, has worked on a "video text book" where the instruction is imparted through a combination of text and a series of Youtube videos.

Youtube is both the subject and form of a unique online text book from MIT Press
Photo: Reuters
Aptly titled "Learning on Youtube" the exclusively online book was published by MIT Press and is actually a spin-off from an earlier class on the popular Internet video-uploading site offered by 'author' Alexandra Juhasz.

As the very first page of the book will tell you, "Youtube is the subject, form, method, problem and solution" of this book. In the words of the publisher, the book seeks "to investigate what actually happens within new media settings that proclaim to be radically "democratized."

Students in Juhasz's offline course were encouraged to perform their coursework on Youtube - by creating videos and exchanging comments - and many of these were compiled to create the unique web-book. Thus, the book is essentially a collection of more than 200 "Texteos" - pages comprising a combination of guiding text and video - which readers can access on its dedicated website.

What is a "Video-book?"

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About the Author
Alexandra Juhasz is Professor of Media Studies at Pitzer College, Claremont, California. This video—book is the pilot project of an initiative of the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture funded by the Mellon Foundation. It was selected for publication, peer reviewed, and copy-edited by the MIT Press.

Source: The International Business