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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring break in the Big Apple; AHS band students learn about music, culture in NYC

Photo: Jenae Hackensmith.
"Jacob Burkhart wanted to go to New York to finish his senior year off with a memorable experience learning about music and culture in the Big Apple." according to Jenae Hackensmith.

“I really wanted to go because it was my senior year and I just really wanted to go to New York with all my friends that I made in band,” Jacob said. “And experience all the cool, really once-in-a-lifetime stuff that we were going to do in New York.”

Junior Ethan Morey performs in Times Square with Jazz One during the Austin High School band. 
Photo: Austin Herald

Jacob was one of more than 100 Austin High School band students who went to New York City over spring break — March 26 to March 31 — to learn and experience music in a new way. Band director Brad Mariska said organizers have been planning the trip for about two years, since the band, orchestra and choir programs alternate years to take trips.

“We wanted to make sure we got the trip reinstated and pick a trip that would really get the kids excited about going,” Mariska said. “Because I think it’s important for the kids to get out of Austin to see a big city and to see the music culture in a big city.”

Jacob, a trumpet player, traveled to the city with the orchestra two years ago, and this was a second chance to experience the big music culture of New York.

“I learned a lot about the music in New York,” he said. “Just the huge music culture that they have there. It’s just the biggest music culture I’ve ever seen in a town, and I love that.”

One of Jacob’s favorite parts of the trip was when he saw “Wicked” on Broadway. He said anyone who visits the city or has a new experience like this should take chances and make the adventure exciting.

“Try something new,” he said. “Step out of your comfort zone, because it’s awesome.”

Source: Austin Herald