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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

White paper: Help All Students Excel in Math with Adaptive Learning Technology

All children can become proficient mathematical thinkers when they learn in an environment that is engaging, individualized, and responsive to their developing mathematical ideas and strategies.
Download the full white paper as a PDF

Deepening understanding, improving confidence, and raising math achievement requires different learning experiences for each student. This is why using the right adaptive learning technology is important–but how do you determine which technology will be effective with your students?

In his white paper, Help All Students Excel in Math With Adaptive Learning Technology
, Tim Hudson, PhD, Senior Director of Curriculum Design for DreamBox Learning®, Inc., offers key considerations for evaluating adaptive learning technologies that will be effective, engaging, and empower teachers to reach each student and improve math performance.  

You'll learn:
  • Why truly adaptive learning technology improves student learning
  • How teachers can use adaptive technology to enhance classroom instruction
  • Considerations for evaluating which digital curriculum will be effective   
Download the full white paper as a PDF

Source: DreamBox Learning