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Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ways to improve your workplace wellbeing

Photo: Linda Levesque
Linda Levesque, Vice President, Corporate Benefits at Unum writes, "Promoting wellbeing in the workplace benefits both employers and employees. A healthy employee is likely to take fewer sick days and be more productive, loyal and committed, knowing that their wellbeing is important to their employer. In short, investing in wellbeing pays back through better productivity and retention, and lower sickness absence costs."

Photo: TrainingZone

Creating an effective wellbeing strategy is an important component in becoming that employer of choice. 

Here are five simple ways of improving staff wellbeing that you can start today.

Be a jargon buster Better informed employees are happier employees. Think about holding drop-in sessions for staff so they can ask questions about things like their pension, how to read their pay slip and what different employee benefits entitle them to.

Stand up more According to experts, standing up in the workplace for at least three hours a day has the same benefits as competing in 10 marathons each year. One way to do this could be installing chest-level high tables in an area of the office for working and meetings

Your Ultimate Wellbeing Toolkit offers a step-by-step guide for putting people at the heart of your company. 

Download The Toolkit (PDF)

The Toolkit provides six, digestible learning modules covering:
  • 5 ways to improve workplace wellbeing.
  • Top tips to attract and retain the best people. 
  • Communicating your wellbeing strategy.
  • 5 ways to improve motivation and trust.
  • 10 ways to win over your Finance Director.
  • Developing an effective wellbeing strategy.
Download The Toolkit (PDF)

Source: TrainingZone