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Sunday, August 02, 2015

Al-Kindi: Genius Bridge Between Civilizations by Madiha Sadaf

"Al-Kindi was a prominent individual and a versatile genius in the History of the medieval Islamic Golden Age. He was known as the “Father of Islamic Philosophy”." writes Madiha Sadaf, undergraduate science student, a research assistant, social media specialist and an aspiring Cardiologist in Canada.


The titles he earned were endless, aside from being an Iraqi Arab Muslim philosopher; he was a polymath (great thinker due to extensive knowledge in many fields), mathematician, physician and a musician.

His works in physics, philosophy, cosmology, mathematics, optics, music, cryptology and medicine had a huge influence on later centuries and other civilizations of the world.

Al-Kindi was from a noble Arab descent and was raised in Iraq under the patronage of science-loving Muslim caliphs. His childhood was spent in Kufa where his father was a governor, yet he received his higher education in Baghdad.

His attitude and keenness towards learning and education lead him to be appointed to the House of WisdomBaytul Hikmah’, an established center for translation of Greek philosophical and scientific texts.

Aside from translations, Al-Kindi was well known for his calligraphy. The rise of different knowledgeable Muslim Abbasid caliphs had various impacts on his success.