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Saturday, August 01, 2015

College teaching strategies handbook by Magna Publications.

The book, Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom is a collection of articles about teaching strategies from a score of accomplished educators.

The 35 articles are drawn from the pages of The Teaching Professor newsletter and are written by college faculty for college faculty.

Their advice—based on research and experience—provides a range of suggestions on approaches to common problems.

Readers will learn many classroom strategies, including:

  • 4 strategies for creating a positive learning environment
  • 10 tips for a successful first day of class
  • 6 keys to building rapport
  • 4 solutions to the civility problem
  • 19 elements of a "behavior contract"
  • 4 principles of successful classroom management
Paperback AND e-book
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For New and Veteran Faculty
New and experienced faculty members will gain ideas and techniques to enhance their teaching methods.

With an emphasis on specific, practical information, this book is a uniquely valuable faculty resource. 

Topics include:
  • Creating student engagement
  • Improving student focus
  • Managing challenging behavior
  • And more
Teaching Strategies for the College Classroom by Maryellen Weimer (Editor), Robert Kelly (Editor), Alice Cassidy (Foreword) is a practical, classroom-tested “tool kit” for faculty members who would like to develop their teaching practice. 
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Source: Magna Publications

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