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Monday, August 03, 2015

Milton Keynes College launches learning through E-Learning

Milton Keynes College has launched the latest development in pioneering technology and new learning methods via a partnership with a leading E-Learning provider to offer all students, communities and businesses access to cutting edge, online courses.

Photo: CitiBlog (blog)

The new E-Learning platform includes over 300 courses ranging from Accountancy and Business to Project Management and IT Essentials.

E-Learning is essentially ‘electronic learning’, where users take part in courses using their computer as the central point of study. The new technology, accessible via the College’s website,, allows learners to enrol and study from any location at any time they choose.

By studying online, learners will have access to all the materials needed to complete their course with full control over when and where they wish to learn – effectively making courses available ‘on demand’.

Kaye Dwight, Head of Business Engagement at Milton Keynes College, believes that E-Learning will be a great development for the institution and its learners.

The full range of courses can be found here: or via our website,

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