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Sunday, December 03, 2017

New Book Provides Concrete Strategies to Help Schools Accelerate Teacher Growth with Video Coaching | Markets Insider

"A new book aims to help educators successfully make and implement a plan for using video-based learning as part of the classroom observation and professional development process" inform Markets Insider.

Evidence of Practice:
Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning

"Evidence of Practice: Playbook for Video-Powered Professional Learning" offers 12 strategies for video coaching – including Video Learning Communities (VLCs), Virtual Walk-through, and Online Lesson Study – that readers can implement in their own districts, schools, or classrooms.

"This book fills a sorely needed gap in professional practice literature when it comes to best practices for video coaching, and it answers the important questions any educator might have when using video to improve teaching in the classroom," said Cary Goldweber, executive producer of digital products at ASCD. "It is a nice balance between theory, practice, and application."

"Evidence of Practice" draws from researcher and practitioner advice to provide a practical and implementation-focused guide immediately useful to educators. Authored by Edthena founder Adam Geller along with Annie Lewis O'Donnell, the book also includes an afterword by professional development author and instructional coaching expert Jim Knight.

"Teachers, coaches, and administrators often believe video observation and video coaching can be a high-impact tool for accelerating teacher growth, but the gap between a good idea and execution can feel large," said Geller. "The new playbook bridges this gap by providing educators with practical, concrete steps to implement and use video coaching with fidelity."

The book also covers the research basis for putting video evidence at the center of professional learning, focusing techniques for analyzing video of classrooms, and tactical guidance about recording and sharing teaching videos.
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About the Authors
Adam Geller is the founder of Edthena. He started his career in education as a science teacher in St. Louis, Missouri. Since 2011, Adam has overseen the evolution of Edthena from a paper-based prototype into a research-informed and patented platform used by schools, districts, teacher training programs, and professional development providers. Adam has written on education technology topics for various publications including Education Week, Forbes, and edSurge, and he has been an invited speaker about education technology and teacher training for conferences at home and abroad.

Annie Lewis O'Donnell is an independent educational consultant. She works with intentionally diverse school communities that strive to serve all children equitably and with organizations that train and develop teachers. O'Donnell began her career in education as a second-grade teacher at a public school in Baltimore, Maryland. For more than twelve years, she led national design teams at Teach For America, overseeing pre-service teacher preparation and ongoing in-service support.

Jim Knight is a research associate at University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning, senior partner of the Instructional Coaching Group, and president of Impact Research Lab. He has spent more than a decade studying instructional coaching and has written several books on the topic.

Source: Markets Insider

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