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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Apply Now: Digital Learning Center Curriculum Developers & Instructors | Civicist

Civic Hall is launching the Digital Learning Center (DLC) to address the nonprofit digital leadership gap by providing professional development classes and workshops aimed specifically at building the digital, data and technology literacy of New York City nonprofit organizations and their leaders.  

Civic Hall

Nonprofit organizations today rely more heavily on technology than ever before, using social media platforms to organize and fundraise, digital tools to refine processes, and data to yield better-targeted outcomes. The NetGain Partnership recognized that:
Public interest organizations and government will not succeed if they do not quickly figure out how to better harness the wave of innovation sweeping the world, and that one key element of that challenge will be to implement more effective strategies for developing and integrating technologists into relevant organizations and projects.
Civic Hall will start the DLC program with pilots in Fall 2018 aimed at serving up to 400 individuals, representing around 100 organizations across the spectrum of nonprofits in New York City.

Apply Now: Curriculum Developers & Instructors  
Civic Hall is currently looking to partner with subject matter experts to help develop appropriate curriculum and teach courses that will address the most pressing nonprofit digital literacy needs. All partners should have direct experience developing curriculum or teaching courses in one of the areas that will be piloted:
  • Cybersecurity expertise;
  • Ethical data collection and management;
  • General digital and technology literacy that could be beneficial to DLC learners (we welcome your ideas & pitches!)
These will be half-day, full-day and two-day workshops, as well as 1-week long bootcamps, and will be taught by experts in their field including data scientists, digital marketing experts, and professional fundraisers. The half-day workshops on cybersecurity for nonprofits and ethical data collection will take place in late October or November.

These courses will introduce best-in-class digital skills, tools, and new modes of problem-solving. They will combine tactical skills instruction with hands-on and contextual training that support problem-solving for existing projects or initiatives. Participants will learn how to apply new skills directly to their specific, real-world challenges. Their organizations benefit by having a staff with strong digital skills foundation, filling the digital skill gaps to accomplish existing work even more efficiently, and bolstering their organization’s performance—all of which can enhance staff recruitment, engagement, and retention.

To apply, please fill out this application form.

Source: Civicist