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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Programming languages to avoid learning in 2018 | Training and Development - IDG Connect

"Why you probably shouldn’t be learning Dart, Objective-C, or Coffeescript this year" inform Dan Swinhoe, Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.
Photo: IDG Connect

According to a recent HackerRank study, Go, Python, Scala, Kotlin, and Ruby are the top five languages programmers want to learn next. But which are the languages coders should not be looking to learn?

Codementor, a coding educating and marketplace platform, recently ranked which languages it claimed weren’t worth developers’ time anymore. The research was centered around three areas; community engagement, the job market, and growth in developers using it (and is not a critique on their usefulness or capabilities).
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Photo: IDG Connect

Which languages are developers planning to learn next? by Dan Swinhoe, Senior Staff Writer at IDG Connect.

Source: IDG Connect