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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Why learning digital skills could help further your career | Google -

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Misha Cunningham, Regional Team Leader at Google Digital Garage one of the digital coaches at the Google Digital Garage, shares advice for anyone looking to enhance their tech knowledge and progress in the workplace.

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Moving up the career ladder can be tough – not only is there usually a lot of competition for a given role, interviews can be daunting.

But with three in four businesses in the UK saying they have a shortage of digital skills in their workforce, there is a huge opportunity for job-seekers to improve their digital skills to stand out from the rest in interviews.

Here are five ways you can use digital tools and channels effectively to help you land that dream job or move up to the next level.

Create a strong CV online 
It is important to have a professional looking CV that details your work experience and qualifications.

Thanks to online platforms and tools, it has never been easier to get creative when selling yourself to potential employers. If you work on a blog and you are proud of your work, add a link to it. If you’re applying for a job in the creative industries, attach images of your creative work.

Some employers now accept video CVs, giving you the chance to pitch yourself to potential employers by uploading one to YouTube...

What happens online stays online  
A recent survey found 70 per cent of employers check out potential employees on social media when looking to hire them.

You might have a killer CV and impress at an interview but inappropriate public photos or posts could affect your chances of getting that dream job. Learning how to use privacy settings and being mindful of what you post online could make the difference between getting a job or not.