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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Connection between philosophy and science | Speaking Tree - Times of India

"Leonardo da Vinci’s words, “Learn how to see. Everything is connected to everything else,” awakened my mind and I could feel the connection between philosophy and science" says G S Tripathi, teaches Physics at Berhampur University.

Speaking Tree

I fell back to two of my favourite sources of knowledge, the Bhagwad Gita and my chosen subject Physics, which represents the philosophy of all sciences, for a possible connection between east and west. The Gita represents the east and quantum theory, the west. In the process, a connection between philosophy and life emerged.

In the classification of material qualities, Krishna said in Chapter 18 of the Gita: “Understand that knowledge to be in the mode of goodness by which a person sees the one undivided imperishable reality within all diverse living beings.” It talks of connections between anything with any other thing. A saatvik person sees a world of many, connected to each other. The world is conceived as a truly many-body system of interacting entities, controlled by an all-unifying force.

Talking about rajasik nature, Krishna said: “That knowledge is to be considered in the mode of passion by which one sees the manifold living entities in diverse bodies as individual and unconnected.” Rajasik persons see the world as isolated, non-interacting and unconnected.

The idea of interconnection is the basis behind the many-body theory in statistical physics and is handled by both classical and quantum theories, more so by the latter. The unconnected picture in Physics is described by an independent-entity model, which has its limitations.
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Source: Times of India