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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

How to Break up with Your Phone | Psychology Today

"Catherine Price's new book shares tips for a better relationship with your phone" notes Tchiki Davis, Ph.D., consultant, writer, and expert on well-being technology. 

Photo: Pexels via Niek Verlaan

Did you know that Americans check their phones about 47 times per day? Half of us check our phones in the middle of the night. And 1 in 10 adults check their phone during sex.

Wow! We must really like our phones.

Luckily, I'm not the only one who thinks that our relationships with our phones have gotten a bit out of hand. In fact, Catherine Price has written a new book on exactly this topic. The book, How to Break up with Your Phone, teaches us, step-by-step, how to build better relationships with our phones, so that we can live happier and healthier lives. 

So, what kind of relationship do you have with your phone?
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How to Break Up with Your Phone:
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Check out the book, How to Break up with Your Phone.  
Is your phone the first thing you reach for in the morning and the last thing you touch before bed?  

Catherine Price
Photo: Sara Remington
Catherine Price, Writer. Speaker. Consultant. Creator. 

Source: Psychology Today