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Thursday, August 09, 2018

Teachers turn to the web for personalized learning resources | K-12 - HR Dive

Lauren Barack, Journalist & writer summarizes, "Online classes can help teachers individualize lessons for their students."

Photo: Getty Images

Dive Brief:
  • EdSurge spoke with three educators who talked about how they’re personalizing learning for their students.
  • Ellen Dorr, the chief technology officer from Renton School District in Washington, invites students to the table in how they’re being educated, having more voice in the way they’re taught, while Chartwell Middle School in California is weaving makerspaces into the learning experience.
  • Appleton Area School District in Wisconsin designed an online course badge — one any student can earn, after they’ve finished an online class, and show they have “online academic integrity.”
Dive Insight:
Tailoring learning to the needs and interests of each student is a high-level goal for curriculum instructors. While the idea that every teacher could adapt each lesson to a pupil is admirable, that isn’t always possible given time constraints.

Still, there are adjustments that can be made to give students more ability to speak up for themselves, and express what they need in class. Differentiated education, such as allowing students hands-on time in makerspaces, provides another method to show what they’ve learned other than taking a standardized test. 

Source: Education Dive