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Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Most Potent Gen-Z Entrepreneurial Panel Assembled | Startup - Inc.

These kids care about big and small things going on in the world. They are highly motivated to create solutions to the world's problems, writes Benjamin P. Hardy, nearing completion of his PhD in organizational psychology. 

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For the past few years, I've been fascinated and interested in the entrepreneurial rise of Generation Z.
As an organizational psychologist, one of the topics I study is generational differences. Each generation is different from the last for multiple reasons. The vast changes from one generation to another weren't as apparent when the world was more local and linear. However, now that the world is global and exponential, each generation has a new world to adapt to from the last. 

Gen Z kids are digital natives who have never lived in a world without the Internet, smartphones and social media. Their technological skills are intuitive and exceed those of their parents, says Don Tapscott. "This is the first time in history when children are an authority about something really important." Gen Z kids are innately savvy at technology and innovation; it's in their blood... 

Generation Z Panel At Genius Network
This post represents Part 1 of a several part series detailing my investigation into what will likely be, one of the most potent and comprehensive Gen-Z entrepreneurial panels yet to be assembled. 

In November of this year, 2018, the Genius Network Annual Event will occur. For many of the top entrepreneurs in the world, this event represents the zenith. Tony Robins, Peter Diamandis, members of Shark Tank, and many other high profile entrepreneurs are often found in attendance. This year, one of the events within the Annual Event will be Joe Polish interviewing a stacked panel of famous Gen-Z entrepreneurs. 
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