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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Women’s Advancement: Still Being Denied | Reports & Insights - Korn Ferry Institute

"It’s another sign of how challenging—and frustrating—the workplace can be for women" explains Evelyn Orr, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of the Korn Ferry Institute, Jane Stevenson, Global Leader for CEO Succession and Vice Chairman, Board & CEO Services and Kristin Mannion, Vice Chairman in our CEO and Board  Practice.

Photo: Korn Ferry Institute

Forty percent of women professionals say they’ve missed a promotion or an opportunity simply because they’re female, according to a new Korn Ferry study.

But whether they were denied due to an institutional baked-in bias or some wrongheaded opinions of individuals, the women surveyed, perhaps surprisingly, offered the same advice to one another for overcoming the challenge: Be assertive and build a strong professional network. “My best advice for women in the workplace is to be confident and passionate. If you want the job, be the job before you even receive the promotion,” says Jane Stevenson, global leader for CEO succession and vice chairman of Korn Ferry...

Many organizations are working to eliminate any institutional reasons women are denied advancement by using more quantifiable metrics in evaluating performance and leadership potential.

Source: Korn Ferry Institute