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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Gain a deeper understanding of machine learning with these e-learning courses on Matlab and Simulink | Mashable Deals - Mashable

In case you haven't noticed, machine learning — the practice of designing algorithms to equip computers to collect data, identify patterns, and learn from them without human interference — has gained fresh momentum. 

Learn how to create algorithms for machine learning with this powerful tool.
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Although the concept is not new, its recent applications gave rise to a massive digital revolution. Think self-driving cars, Netflix's recommendation engine, Uber's arrival and pick-up estimations, and Spotify's Discover Weekly playlists. Without machine learning, all these things would not exist...

First things first, what are Matlab and Simulink anyway?

A conversation about machine learning won't be complete without the mention of Matlab and Simulink. To the uninitiated, Matlab — which stands for Matrix Laboratory — is a tool that was initially invented to help in teaching linear algebra but has now evolved into a platform that can explore, analyze, and visualize big data. It can be used for creating predictive models that work best with your data sets. Just think of Matlab as the engineer's Excel, only with far greater capabilities. 

On the other hand, Simulink is a visual programming environment for creating simulations without the need to write code. Say you're developing a prototype for an automobile (FYI: Tesla uses Simulink), you can use the program to build a dynamic model quickly to test and validate your design before even moving to hardware. Both of these powerful tools complement each other, and when used together, you can test thousands of algorithms on different simulations.

Sounds complicated? These online courses are a great place to start.

Source: Mashable