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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Brick-and-Mortar Learning with a Generation of Digital Natives | UNLV NewsCenter

Juliet V. Casey, Communications Director inform, "Digital Learning Innovation Showcase highlights how traditional universities navigate the digital age."

Photo: Rakitha Perera/OIT

UNLV is not an online institution. 

Yet in the 2017-18 academic year, the university offered more than 958 online or hybrid courses. And, more than 90 percent of last year’s graduates took at least one online course on the way to completing their degrees.

Photo: Laurel M. Pritchard, Ph.D.
“Many of the students we serve are digital natives,” said Laurel Pritchard, UNLV interim vice provost for undergraduate education. “They have grown up with an expectation that nearly every service they consume can and should be delivered digitally.”

The question for universities now is how best to deliver a higher education using digital tools and resources while giving them a well-rounded college experience.

UNLV Executive Vice President and Provost Diane Chase is taking the question seriously...

The UNLV Office of Online Education is expanding its programming and resources to help faculty translate their classroom courses to online platforms. Its new  Teach Online website helps faculty develop online courses and adapt their teaching methods for the online environment.

Meanwhile, the Digital Learning Initiative supported by the fellowship project, has focused on improving achievement for students who want to enter fields in science, technology, engineering, and math.

Fall 2018 Welcome Message from President Marta Meana by UNLV News Center.
"Meana reflects on what will make student achievement, creative activities, research growth, and community partnerships happen this year."

Source: UNLV NewsCenter and University of Nevada, Las Vegas Channel (YouTube)