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Friday, December 14, 2018

10 Things Everyone Should Know About Today's Students and Digital Learning | EdTech & Innovation - The Tech Edvocate

Technology has changed the way learning takes place in today’s education, writes Matthew Lynch, The Tech Edvocate.

Photo: Pexels

Technology has changed the way learning takes place in today’s education. Unlike the past where learning computers was a lesson among other lessons, digital technology is currently a classroom tool that enables students to study just any subject. It has also helped tutors to develop more interactive classes and engage the students in the running processes. Here are ten things that everyone should know about today’s students and digital learning...

Digital learning tools have enabled students to put their heads together in the digital space. They can now work on the same page exchanging ideas on the go better than in the traditional class. Collaboration increases comprehension and opens up their minds to new ideas.

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Photo: The Tech Edvocate
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