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Saturday, December 22, 2018

What To Do About The Agony Of ‘Adulting’ (At Any Age) | Expert Advice - YourTango

Judith Tutin, PhD, ACC, licensed psychologist and certified life coach insist, Growing up is hard to do.

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I’ve been hearing about “adulting” from many people, as in, “I spent all morning at the bank, getting the car washed, and taking my mother’s emotional support animal to the vet… #adulting.”

When I saw the headline in my Sunday paper, Learning to "Adult,” I realized this “adulting” wasn’t just a passing linguistic hiccup or a joke about growing up. In fact, one of the local colleges is running a series of talks called “#Adulting,” which is all about "how to adult" — and it's not just for young adults or millennials, either!

Some people have complained about the term. They find it sexist, which hardly seems apt since men use it, too. They find it gross, but one could see it, instead, as ironically self-reflective. Like making blonde jokes when you’re blonde, it shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.

There’s more to it than living away from your parents, renting an apartment, or buying a car. Even 40-somethings who have done all of the foregoing — often multiple times — use the term. 

Here are 5 multifaceted, painful reasons 'adulting' really is difficult, no matter how old you are:

Source: YourTango