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Monday, December 10, 2018

How to win the Nobel prize and mathematicians why it doesn’t Shine | The Koz Telegram

Annually on December 10 in Sweden and Norway – the Nobel day, when the hand of one of the most prestigious awards in the world for achievements in science, as The Koz Telegram reports.

Photo: The Koz Telegram
The inventor Alfred Nobel in his will ordered to create a Fund, the interest from which will be issued in the form of bonuses to those in the previous year brought the greatest benefit to mankind.

All his fortune, which is about 31.5 million Swedish kronor, he was appointed to the financing of international awards. According to his will, the annual income from this legacy shall be divided into five equal parts in physics, chemistry, medicine, literature, and special achievements to humanity in the cause of peace.

For the entire history of the Nobel prize abandoned six winners:
  • In 1938, Germans Richard Kuhn refused (at the insistence of the German authorities) of the prize in chemistry, but later received the diploma and a medal;
  • 1939 this act was repeated by two of his countrymen: prize in chemistry Adolf Butenandt and laureate in medicine Gerhard Doma.
  • 1958 Nobel prizes in literature have refused Boris Pasternak (under pressure from the Soviet authorities)
  • In 1964 Jean-Paul Sartre (literature prize 1964);
  • 1973 – Nobel peace prize laureate Le Duc.
Each winner receives from the hands of the king of Sweden the gold medal with the image of the founder of the award Alfred Nobel and diploma. The cash prize is transferred to winners in accordance with their wishes, often scientists give them on the development of science. Now the prize is 1,118 million US dollars...

Why mathematicians do not get Nobel prize So he decided Alfred Nobel. 

There are several versions of why he did so:
  1. When scientist invented the dynamite, then didn’t use mathematics, respectively believed that in this science it is impossible to implement discoveries.
  2. A very popular version in the biography of the Nobel. The scientist took revenge on the suitor of his wife, who was a renowned Professor of mathematics.
We will remind, earlier reported the Nobel prize in chemistry, received for the study of enzymes and antibodies.
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Source: The Koz Telegram