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Sunday, December 30, 2018

My 2018 in books: A list of favorite reads |

I don’t know about you, but to me, 2018 zipped by so quickly, notes Mikka Wee, Marketing Manager at In Great Company Group.  

Here at Preen, we’re fully aware that adult life doesn’t always go as smoothly (and look as beautiful) as curated Instagram feeds. We all face challenges amidst all the good things...

A lot happened this year, both in my personal life and in the outside world, and it’s incredibly fascinating and mind-boggling to sit here and write my last article for 2018, knowing that this time, next week, it will be 2019.

Since the “Screen Time” update on my iPhone was installed, I’ve become more aware of how much time I spend online—and I admit, 90 percent of it is comprised of endless scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Am I proud of it? Not really. One of my goals this 2019 is actually to reduce my social media time to only 2 hours a day (you’ll be surprised to know that I’ve reached 6 incredulous hours on my phone), and to read more books. I do, however, have read some pretty awesome books this 2018, and I thought, “why not end 2018 with a list of books that made my year?”

Here it is (in no particular order)!