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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Who are Generation Z and what can we expect from them? | Analysis - The Post Millennial

Lucas Holtvluwer, current Sales and Marketing student at Niagara College reports, Generation Z, iGen, Post-Millennials, Homeland Generation, Gen Tech, Digital Natives or Delta Generation…

Photo: The Post Millennial
Whatever you want to call them, this new generation is here to stay and is already having a big impact on our world.

While many narratives have been pushed around about this generation over the past few years, a closer look at the facts reveals that Generation Z doesn’t really fit in any of the traditional boxes we’ve placed other generations in.

Of course, grouping any large amount of people solely based on birth years is going to result in a great deal of diversity of opinion and attitudes being covered over by mass generalizations. However, with Generation Z, the ability to pin down some core values is proving to be quite difficult so far.

What came before Gen Z? 
The “Greatest Generation” favoured tradition and valued self sacrifice and respect for authority. The Boomers flipped all that around with their anti war, anti government, free spirited ways...

A 2018 survey done in the wake of the Parkland shooting showed that 68% of youth aged 13-17 think that a ban on “assault-style weapons” would make the U.S. a much safer place.

That same survey also showed that only 21% of these youth aged 13-17 strongly identified as Republicans, compared to 37% as Democrats. Additionally, these members of Generation Z are not big fans of President Trump with a whopping 72% of them saying they strongly or somewhat disapprove of his performance thus far. 
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Source: The Post Millennial