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Sunday, December 16, 2018

Books engage young girls in science and math | Agri News

Author says STEM makes agriculture thrive, inform Martha Blum, AgriNews Field Editor.

Cara Bartek holds the first two books in her Serafina Loves Science! series. Her goal is to publish a new book every six months. Bartek includes the directions for an actual experiment at the end of each book

The goal for Cara Bartek is to plant the seed of positivity in little girls.

“My books are like a long-form love letter to my daughters to tell them you can do it and don’t give up,” said Cara Bartek, the author of the series of Serafina Loves Science! books.

Bartek has written two books that revolve around a particular scientific concept and a life issue.

“My plan is to release a new book every six months,” she said. “These books are middle-grade fiction, and research shows that’s where girls start to lose out from peer pressure.”

In the first book written by Bartek, “Cosmic Conundrum,” Serafina goes to space camp...

The second book, “Quantum Quagmire,” was triggered by Bartek’s oldest daughter who was concerned about her friend whose parents were going through divorce...

Future books by Bartek will focus on marine biology and genetics...

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Books can be ordered from, as well as from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  
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Source: Agri News