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Saturday, February 19, 2011

eSchool News has compiled this list of some of the best free teacher wesites on the web by Jenna Zwang

Laura Devaney, Managing Editor writes, "With a shaky economy limiting school funding, educators can always take advantage of free web resources. Assistant Editor Jenna Zwang has discovered 10 such resources that are sure to help educators in all subject areas."

Photo: eSchool News

With cuts to school budgets, teachers are often left searching for ways to innovate without breaking the bank. In fact, a recent survey reveals that educators are incorporating more internet-related resources into their lessons, but shrinking school budgets have prompted many educators to look for free resources to enhance their lessons.
There are numerous sites that can help, but we’ve picked 10 that our among our favorites. Click through to browse our list, and then tell us what some of your favorites are in the comments section.

Academic Earth offers video lectures from elite universities, and it allows viewers to grade the professors. Academic Earth also offers a “Playlists” feature based around themes such as “Laws of Nature,” “Wars Throughout History,” or “You Are What You Eat.”

Source: eSchool News