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Saturday, February 19, 2011

How to get people to listen to your podcast by Hannah McNamara

Whether you're creating a podcast as part of a mobile learning programme or to showcase what you can do as a trainer, it's wasted effort if no one listens to it. Just as in live training sessions there are certain techniques to getting people to pay attention so that people to listen all the way to the end of your podcast.

Take a look at this interesting line-up below:
  • Think about the audience
  • Appeal to different learning styles
  • Write a good headline and synopsis
  • Raise expectations
  • Keep it practical
  • Give a reason to listen all the way to the end
  • Keep them hungry for more
  • Make listening to the podcast a required part of their personal development plan

About Hannah McNamara
She is the Managing Director of HRM Coaching Ltd. She has been recording podcasts since 2005. Hannah works with in-house L&D professionals to aid employee engagement by blending coaching, mentoring and training to suit the learner's needs.

Source: TrainingZone