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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mobile Learning – What It Can Do For A Global Workforce by Aneesh Bhat

Aneesh writes, "Globalization has changed the paradigms of business dramatically. The organizations of today need to be more agile than ever to maintain their competitive edge in the marketplace. That involves adapting to situations and regularly updating strategies, structures and processes."

The global workforce today is confronted with a demanding environment in which to perform. In such a situation, it is vital for employees to be connected to information constantly.

The Challenge
Ironically, while employees need more time for learning in order to optimize their productivity, they actually have less time to participate in formal learning activities. A vast majority of the global workforce is very busy and has very little time to focus on learning. As a result, training drops down on the priority list and training completion rates can be low. The need of the hour is — technology that enables organizations to distribute “just-in-time” updates that are both targeted and tracked.

Here’s what Mobile Learning can be used for:

• Activating knowledge before a classroom (or virtual classroom or even an eLearning session)
• Summarizing (after one of those sessions – delivered soon after the session)
• Recall (or reactivating knowledge – probably a week or two after the session. This ensures key concepts are revisited and helps in transferring the new knowledge to long term memory – especially for learners who may not get a chance to apply new knowledge immediately after the sessions)
• Providing application opportunities (through pop quizzes or learning games on mobile)
• Just-in-time search support by letting employees search in company’s knowledge databases (wikis, blogs, forums) using their mobiles.

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Source: Upside Learning Blog