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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Homework: Jazz it up with Technology by Ozge Karaoglu

I came across this blog site yesterday by Özge Karaoğlu.

She writes on her blog, "Developing web 2.0 technologies reflect the latest and the current trend in education. It encourages one of the most important skills of the 21st century "collaboration", increases motivation, imagination and the community in a classroom."

It helps to develop different skills of children. Many of the web based tools are excellent environments and valuable sources for teaching and learning and many of the tools can be a great digital source for homework.

Here are my web 2.0 suggestions to traditional homework:

Wallwisher is an online page where you can post messages. You click and write your text and you don't need to register to use the site. You can also add images, video and music to your message. Children can use it for note-taking, to create invitations, make announcements, brainstorm on different topics, report books, collect ideas, showcase what they have done and share resources.

Voki is a tool to create speaking avatars with your own voice. You choose your avatar, you customize it by changing the hair, clothing, accessories and the colour of the hair, eyes and skin. When you finish, you give it a voice by recording your voice by phone or using a microphone. You can also upload an audio file or you use text-to-speech feature to convert your text into speech choosing the gender and the accent. When you finish, you can get a link or the embed code to publish it on your blog or your website. Children can listen to a story and answer the questions, they can listen to a song and complete the missing words or we can use voki for dictation assignments. Children can record their voices answering a question or retelling a story.

About Özge Karaoğlu
I am a 20+ year old English teacher and a freelance teacher trainer and an educational consultant in teaching young/very young learners and teaching with web based technologies; for international organizations, schools and institutes. I’m also the e-moderator at British Council’s ELT Sharepoint.
I’m currently working at Terakki Foundation Schools as an English teacher and the leader of the kindergarten department.
I’m also working as the educational coordinator of Yes,I Speak English DVD series that would be designed to give EFL children a jump- start in English. I’m also the script and screenplay writer of these DVD series.
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Keep up the good work, Özge!

Source: Ozge Karaoglu’s Blog