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Monday, February 21, 2011

Going mobile: A new definition by Nigel Paine

Nigel Paine subscribes to a different definition of mobile learning, as we understand it.
We'll let him elaborate.  

Photo: TrainingZone 
Do you remember when 'elearning' was a dynamically sophisticated term that described something radically new in the field of learning and development? I have to admit to being there at its conception, birth and early childhood. It feels a long time ago.

The term was used to describe learning that was delivered on a computer, so it described a kind of distance learning, but electronic. It was a useful catch-all term for something quite sophisticated, challenging and new. Now, some 20 years later the term is more confusing than accurate. It engenders more arguments than it clarifies and is poorly defined.
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About Nigel Paine
Nigel Paine is a coach, mentor, writer, broadcaster and keynote speaker of international acclaim. He is currently working in Europe, Brazil, the US and Australia on a variety of assignments, that hinge around making work more creative, innovative and aspirational and making workplaces more conversational, team-based and knowledge sharing.
You can read his blog at or follow him on Twitter:

Source: TrainingZone