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Thursday, February 17, 2011

New e-Book: 'Ideas for Creating a Blended Training Approach'

After the roaring success of our first ever e-Book ‘Engaging Tenants through Technology’, the Housing e-Academy are pleased to announce the launch of their second e-Book ‘Ideas for creating a blended training approach’.

Source: Ideas for creating a blended training approach

This e-Book is also a companion to a webinar held on the 16th February, so if you weren't able to attend, then you will be able to download a summary of the information. We will be releasing an e-Book to accompany all of our free webinars scheduled for 2011.
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This e-Book covers the many ways you can integrate training using different technologies in order to create a blended training approach that is efficient and high quality.

It is aimed at people from organisations who either already have some form of blended learning in place or those who have not yet considered this approach and who are looking for guidance.

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Source: The Housing e-Academy