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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Get Mobile Learning Moving by Feb. 28 from Brandon Hall Research

Most of Brandon Hall Research reports are available for members only. But, for a limited time, their four mobile learning reports can be bought individually. After February 28, they go back into the members-only vault, so getting them now saves you thousands of dollars in membership dues!

Components of a typical mobile learning network (Figure 7 in Worldwide Mobile Learning Trends 2010, courtesy of OnPoint Digital Inc.)
Organizations like the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Nike, and Chalk Media--our most recent Excellence in Learning Awards medalists in the category of Best Use of Mobile Learning--are laying the groundwork. Isn't it time for you to join them?

Take a closer look at this four mobile learning reports below:

Mobile Learning: The Essential Information
for Training Professionals 

Mobile Learning Comes of Age: How and
Why Organizations are Moving to Learning
on Mobile Devices  

Worldwide Mobile Learning Trends: 2010 

Mobile Learning: Tools and Technologies
for Creating Engaging Content

Source: Brandon Hall Research

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