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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How mobile learning can boost performance by Andrew Jackson and Mobile Learning Getting Started Guide

Performance support is a term that's been around for decades. You've almost certainly experienced it first hand at work and in everyday life, but still you may not be quite sure what it is.
Andrew Jackson explains.

Photo: TrainingZone
This article helps answer several questions: What is performance support, exactly? How does it fit in with existing training? How does it relate to mobile learning?

Mobile Learning Getting Started Guide
Love the idea of mobile learning, but are not sure about how you might use it or integrate it into your existing approaches?

Pacific Blue concise, 15-page, "Mobile Learning Getting Started Guide" will help you answer three critical questions:

■ What is it?
■ Should I consider using it?
■ If yes, how can I get started quickly and easily without spending a fortune?

What's in the Guide?  

The guide covers the following topics:

■  What is mobile learning?
■  How is it related to performance support and performance improvements?
■  7 situations where you really must consider mobile learning as an option
■  Examples of how organisations are putting mobile learning into action out in the real world
■  An overview of required hardware, delivery systems and content authoring software you need to get started
■  Some of the potential problems and issues to watch out for

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About Pacific Blue

Founded in 2002, Pacific Blue Solutions has established a reputation for offering innovative solutions to the challenges of communicating information and developing learning content.

Who We Are
We are a specialist training and consultancy company dedicated to working with you and your organisation to create high-quality learning solutions and business content that get results.

Our Philosophy
We focus on four main elements to achieve the best outcomes for our clients:

■ Audience is paramount: our approaches to content and communications put the audience at the core.
■ Content is king: providing the right content, in the right way, at the right level of detail at the right time.

■ Results must be measurable: unless you can measure progress, what’s the point?
■ Costs must be realistic: your spend must be significantly less than what you’ll save or the value you’ll add.

Source: TrainingZone and Pacific Blue