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Monday, April 06, 2015

Instructor-Facilitated Online Learning: How to Maximize Your Virtual Student Engagement

This article below is a guest post courtesy of Academy of Learning College, a career and business college that offers over 30 diploma programs, at over 50 locations across Canada.

Photo: Education Week News (blog)

Instructors that have taught online, have at one time or another felt limited, because they do not have eye contact with their students. 

They cannot tell if they are awake or paying attention. There are times they ask questions or request feedback but they get no response in return.

On the other hand even the most motivated student can be turned off if they are not being engaged. To be able to maximize engagement online, there are several tactics that can be used. 

You will want to consider your skills as an instructor, technology, instructional design, manager support and learner motivation. Below are some strategies that can help maximize student engagement in the instructor-facilitated online learning and teaching environment. 

Source: Education Week News (blog)

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