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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Things to help people returning to school

"The face of the average college student is changing, with more working adults heading back to school to complete degrees and enhance their careers. Being an adult learner means bringing life experience to the table, but it also means juggling more responsibilities alongside coursework, including working, managing a home and family commitments." continues Daily Herald.


That's why there are five essential elements that every adult learner should have in their arsenal of tools to support educational success.

Whether someone is attending class on campus or obtaining an education through online study, the right technology can help streamline the learning process. In addition to a quality computer and mobile device, it's smart to brush up on the basic software programs they'll use regularly in class. Online tutorials and free classes at a local library help ensure that technical skills are ready when class starts.

Students may find certain course topics more challenging than others and having a tutor at their disposal can make a big difference in keeping up with more difficult curriculums.
"Hiring an independent tutor can be expensive, so be sure to research colleges that offer tutoring services at no extra cost," said Tracy Lorenz, president of Western International University.

Source: Daily Herald

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