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Friday, October 30, 2015

5 Most Beautiful Campuses in the World

"It has often been seen that students opting for higher education, pay a lot of attention to the setting of the campus apart from its ranking and quality of education." summarizes Board, Edtech magazine by Foradian Technologies. Cover everything about edtech from latest technology updates to disruptive edtech ideas.

A beautiful campus can add an extra point to the preference chart of students who are looking for that tranquil setting that’ll provide them the richest of experience. Find below, the list of 5 most beautiful campus in the world that deserves a mention, apart from it’s academic record.

University of Oxford, England

Photo: University of Oxford, England

The origin of the university dates back to 1438 and it’s not just popular for its status or the extremely gruelling entrance exam, it’s also popular for the grandeur and beauty. One of the most beautiful campus in the world, the major attraction in the campus is the Codrington Library that houses an immense collection of books on all possible subjects. The university grounds, the Botanic Gardens, the Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology echoes years of history and oozes beauty together.

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Source: Foradian Technologies