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Friday, October 30, 2015

Becoming a Lead Learning Designer

Photo: Georgina Taylor
"Have you ever wanted to be a learning designer but don’t know how to get there? This video shares the journey from teacher to designer and how Simon Rupniak made the move." writes Georgina Taylor, Marketing Coordinator for the UK, focuses on social media, events and digital marketing.  

As part of Learning Now TV’s ‘Learning Designer’ series Simon Rupniak, one of our learning designers talks about why and how he got into the role and a recent project he has been working on.

During Simon's teaching career he used a variety of methods to keep his learners engaged and involved with his lessons, from theory outside of the classroom to self-directed learning. This approach is incorporated in Simon’s work, not only to design effective elearning but to also be part of a blended solution that provides more of a holistic approach to learning for his clients.

In this short video Simon shares how he is using the latest learning technology such as virtual classrooms spread across continents and time zones to create a more collaborative environment for learners.

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Want to know more about creating an effective blend with virtual classrooms? 
Then take a look at Simon’s Five Reasons You Need to Use Virtual Classrooms post for more insight.

Source: City & Guilds Kineo (blog)