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Saturday, October 17, 2015

White Paper - A New Math Classroom: Creating a Data-Driven Culture

Educators want and need to find ways to improve their student’s math proficiency. Is there a new and better way to improve math outcomes?

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Photo: Gregory Firn, LinkedIn
In this white paper, Dr. Gregory Firn explains how asking the right questions and using the resulting SMART data is changing the conversation around how to select and use data – and get real results – in math achievement and raise proficiency.

In the introduction Firn writes, "Educational technology and data are transforming mathematics teaching and learning. The enablement of ongoing formative assessment and immediately actionable data is yielding real results for teachers and students of mathematics."

In his research study, The Impact of Classroom Evaluation Practices on Students, Terence J. Crooks  found that providing individual students with personalized support and guidance is now even more powerful with next-generation digital tools and assessment systems.
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Source: DreamBox Learning