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Friday, October 23, 2015

White paper - Teach your learners to learn: How to develop & keep top performers

This is how learning empowers your entire organization.

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In the white paper Grovo writes, "Effective learning solves the biggest employee challenges facing businesses today. Thesuccess with which organizations are able to recruit, engage, and retain talent; develop leaders; and foster positive workplace culture, depends on how well their employees are able to learn on the job. And learning and development isn’t just important for top performers.
Everyone needs to learn."

The problem is, not all employees are equally skilled at learning. Some people are naturally strong learners. They seek out developmental resources on their own and pick up new concepts easily. Other employees are weaker learners. They’re not interested in, or particularly good at, gaining new skills.

In this white paper you’ll learn:
  • Why not all learners are created equal — and why it matters now more than ever
  • Techniques that develop your unique mix of employees
  • Why your organization’s prospects depend on the growth of your employees
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Source: TrainingZone and Grovo Learning