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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Irvine-based Brandman University offering competency-based education

Photo: Greg Lee
"Your job experience could translate into a higher education." inform Greg Lee, reporter.

A growing number of colleges and universities are crediting students for the knowledge they've gained through their professional lives.

Irvine-based Brandman University works to serve non-traditional students like military members or people with full-time jobs.

Brandman's part of a growing network of schools offering a competency-based education, which helps students earn degrees faster and for less.

In the video below, Orange County reporter Greg Lee has more on how competency-based education programs work.

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Brandman University’s Competency-Based Education program is called MyPath. MyPath is completely online, allowing you to study any time, anywhere, on any device. 
Brandman University’s MyPath (YouTube)

Source: KABC-TV