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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Distance Learning Becoming More Popular in Croatia

Photo: Vedran Pavlic
"Want to be an Oxford or Cambridge graduate from your own home? The rise of distance learning in Croatia." writes Vedran Pavlic, Freelance translator, journalist and TV producer.

Photo: Total Croatia News

Studying at Oxford from your own room? Why not? You can get a diploma from your own home, of course with a computer and a good internet connection. In order to study at a university, you do not need to move from your city or state, pay for accommodation and travel costs, ask for a student visa... On-line studying is today a common way of study in most of Europe, reports Novilist on October 26, 2015.

Distance learning is available at some of the respected European universities such as Oxford and Cambridge, as well as at the prestigious American MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Harvard and Berkeley, which offer the possibility of on-line study for those who are fluent in English. This method of study is suitable for professional athletes, people with disabilities, mothers with small children or employees who want to further educate themselves, but have to work during the day.

Those who engage in distance learning can choose the location and the time when they will listen to lectures, and can set their own pace of learning. However, self-discipline is very important, as well as dedication to the cause and a strong will. Ela Sikirić, mother of three, has successfully passed a one-year online course at ITAkademija in Belgrade. The diploma obtained at the institution is not recognized in Croatia, but this graphic designer says that is not important. "To me, the knowledge is more important. I had the opportunity to study at night or when it suited me", Sikirić explained. She also added that distance learning is definitely not for those who are not serious about it. She paid about 1,000 euros for a one-year study, and she is satisfied with the seriousness and the quality of education she has received.
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Source: Total Croatia News