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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

U.S. math performance drops on NAEP. We have higher standards. Do we have higher commitment?

Photo: Maureen Downey
"The national drop in math performance seen today in the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress – the first decline after 20 years of a steady climb — has triggered a lot of fretting and speculating on why scores faltered." according to Maureen Downey,  Discuss, learn and share news and opinion. 

Photo: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

In Georgia, eighth-graders held steady in math but fourth-graders scored four points lower than in 2013. Eighth-graders scored two points lower in reading, while fourth-grade scores remained the same from the last NAEP test in 2013. Fourth-grade reading was the only area where Georgia students exceeded the national average.

In a statement, Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods said, “These results underscore the importance of strengthening our students’ foundational skills in reading and math. At the state level, we’re committed to supporting districts in that work by producing better resources for teachers, fully vetting any new standards and initiatives, and providing greater flexibility so schools have room to innovate.”

Here are some examples of what’s being said this morning about the newly released NAEP data:

Source: Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)