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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Learn by listening

Photo: Scott Johnson
"Have you ever asked learners to listen to audio as part of an assessment? What about asking students to speak answers to test questions, instead of writing them? Can you believe that this is now possible?" inform Scott Johnson, Chief Business Development Officer, A Pass Educational Group.

With technology enhanced items, you can do just that.

To learn more about these technological affordabilities, read our new Angle, entitled Speak. Listen. Learn. The Use of Audio and Spoken Response Technology Enhanced Items in Modern Day Assessment.

Speak. Listen. Learn. PDF

"This paper takes a look at the many uses and benefits of audio within assessment—both in terms of playing audio stimuli to students, but also in relation to spoken response capture." writes A Pass Educational Group and Learnosity.   

The audio and spoken response TEIs enable educators to upload an audio file that is then played back to the learner. Students then have the ability to respond via spoken response, the captured audio response can be saved and the assessor can play the recording back as needed. Assessors can also use the Audio TEI functionality to provide oral feedback to the student.

Source: A Pass Educational Group