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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Improve Your Facilitation Skills With This How-to Guide

Whether you are a subject matter expert who occasionally takes on a trainer role, a trainer who wants to build on solid presentation skills, or anywhere in between, Facilitation Basics by Donald McCain will help you create supportive and effective learning. 

This complete how-to guide is designed to improve your facilitation proficiency so you can give face-to-face as well as online and virtual classroom learners your best.

Facilitation Basics, 2nd Edition

This refreshed second edition will guide you through how to:
  • enhance your skills as a facilitator
  • create supportive and effective learning environments for face-to-face and online learners
  • ensure learning is transferred to the job.
In the preface Donald McCain, founder and principal of Performance Advantage Group writes, "So, you are now the teacher, instructor, or trainer: the person who will be leading a class of adult learners. In other words, you’re now a facilitator of learning experiences. Where do you go from here? You may not know it, but you’ve already embarked on the journey to becoming a great facilitator! The mere fact that you’re reading this book means that you have already discovered that facilitating learning is not  the same thing as presenting information (but more on that as we go along).
That’s key to your success"

Who Should Read This Book?
This book is for people who want to enhance their skills in facilitating others’ learning experiences in an organizational environment. This may include face-to-face, online, or virtual classroom learning.

Such a group might include:
  • subject matter experts who occasionally function in a training role or are moving into atraining role in their jobs
  • trainers who are ready to move beyond presenting information or using learning activities for their entertainment value only
  • faculty members in educational institutions who want to add skills and application to their classroom experiences
  • HR professionals or managers who contract with facilitators and want to evaluate their performance
  • trainers who want to enhance their facilitation skills
  • trainers who want to enhance their online or virtual classroom facilitation skills
  • trainers whose organizations are holding the training function accountable for learners’performance back on the job.
The purpose of this book is to facilitate your learning and assist in enhancing your facilitation skills. When you continue your learning journey by enhancing your own skills, you will increase the learning that takes place in your courses, the probability of skill transfer back to your learners’ jobs, and the impact of training on your organization. 
Read a sample chapter (PDF)

This book, and many other ATD titles are available through Eurospan, one of ATD’s international book distributors.

Source:  Association for Talent Development (ATD)