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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Blended Learning That Works by Diane Senffner and Leslie Kepler

Learning is not one size fits all. Blended learning empowers us to give employees access to training in a useable format when they need it, often from wherever they are able to access it.

Well-designed and well-executed blended learning gives employees access to training in a usable format when they need it, often from wherever they are able to access it. However, as with many other things, the devil is in the details. Just how does one go about designing and implementing blended learning that works? 

This issue of TD at Work examines the what, when, and why of blended learning. Helpful implementation tips and tools, including the Blending Learning Readiness Checklist, will guide you through the how.

Look Inside (PDF)
In this TD at Work, you will learn:
when blended learning is an effective choice
how blended learning is delivered
which blended learning modality to use for different types of learning
key information for making blended learning design decisions
potential blended learning benefits and constraints. 



Photo: Diane Senffner
Diane Senffner, a recognized leader in the field of e-learning, is CEO and president of Cine Learning Productions. She has her master's degree in adult learning/distance education and more than 15 years of experience creating award-winning courses in both the public and private sectors all over the globe. Diane and her team excel at creating programs that are both engaging and instructionally sound. Diane has spoken professionally for years and has presented to ATD audiences, NASMD Conferences, Maricopa Community Colleges, Hilton Hotels, Destination Hotels & Resorts, and in dozens of webinars as a subject matter expert on e-learning.

Photo: Leslie G. Kepler
Leslie G. Kepler, EdD, is the senior training transformation consultant with Cine Learning Productions, managing transformation project client relations and design teams. She provides expertise in instructional design, training facilitation, curriculum review, needs analysis, and transformation possibilities. With all the tools and techniques available to the training profession, Leslie’s mantra is, “There’s no excuse for boring training!” 

Source: Association for Talent Development (ATD)