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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Digital learning in India - How smart classrooms are changing the face of education | The Statesman

"With tablets, laptops, Virtual Reality, Internet, interactive projectors making their way into Indian classrooms, digital learning is a reality now" reports Aditi Gupta, Intern at The Statesman.

Photo: iStock

Children are no longer mandated to learning lessons from textbooks. Surrounded by gadgets as they are, their education begins earlier than it used to be before. Educationists have realized it’s best to put these new age tools to right use — for education — as practical knowledge has always proven to be more useful than theory.

This holistic education involves a lot of engaging medium which makes learning interesting. For example, use of Virtual Reality in classrooms enables the children to know the subject with a feeling that will stay with them...

Smart classrooms are here to stay. Not only private schools, but government establishments have also opened up to new age learning, joining hands with the corporate sector.

As many as 652 Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas across the country, 28 government schools in Tamil Nadu and three Delhi Police Public Schools have Smart Classes set up by Samsung India, covering over 2.5 lakh students. As part of the programme, over 8,000 teachers have been trained in how to use interactive technology.

At several educational institutions, interactive projectors are a big draw as they are making interactive learning more fun.

Source: The Statesman