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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Optimize Safety Training by Properly Leveraging E-Learning | Training and Engagement - EHS Today

"E-learning can improve the safety and compliance training experience for Millennials by making it more engaging, accessible and effective" says Steve Zuckerman, global eLearning manager with DuPont Sustainable Solutions.

Photo: EHS Today
Ongoing employee learning and development is a necessity for most organizations, but particularly those in typically high-risk industries from manufacturing and mining to chemicals and oil & gas. For these companies, safety and compliance training can be a requisite to their ability to operate as a business. Not only must this comprehensive training take place when onboarding every new employee, it must also be provided to existing workers to comply with current regulations, on an ad hoc basis should there be unexpected changes to existing safety regulations, and at regular intervals to continuously reinforce safe operations.

Such training often represents a significant investment of resources for companies both in terms of time and money. A little more than half (53%) of companies participating in a July 2017 Compliance Training Study by Brandon Hall Group reported devoting between 76 to 100 hours to compliance training for each employee throughout the calendar year. That same percentage of companies spend at least $500 on each employee per year for compliance training, and 15% report spending more than $5,000 per employee per year to provide compliance training, according to the study.

Challenges to Effective Learning and Development Despite this clear commitment to provide necessary safety and compliance training to employees, organizations can face two significant challenges to doing so effectively:

Source: EHS Today