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Saturday, August 04, 2018

Some upper secondary school students will get help buying laptops, others won’t | YLE News

"Online examinations and digital learning materials mean that many upper secondary school students need to have laptops to complete their studies" continues YLE News.

Some municipalities provide financial assistance for upper secondary school students to buy compulsory laptops.
Photo: Ville Välimäki / Yle

Although many of Finland’s upper secondary school students are required to have a laptop, only some municipalities provide financial assistance for the purchase.

Since late 2016, Finland’s educational authorities have gradually transitioned secondary school matriculation exams from paper to digital formats. Next spring the transition will be completed when mathematics will be added to the list of online examinations.

In addition, many high schools require their students to come to school with personal laptops for assignments and other online work...

Hundreds for a basic laptop In Helsinki, upper secondary school students are expected to show up for class with a "basic laptop". The Matriculation Examination Board, which administers matriculation exams, also provides similar guidelines. So does the Abitti programme, a testing system set up by the matriculation board that helps prepare students for their finals.

In practice many kinds of devices currently available meet the criteria for the recommended laptop, and many "basic" models can be bought for around 200 euros. 

Source: YLE News