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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

5 AI predictions for 2019: Pragmatic AI takes hold | The TechTarget network

Brian Holak, associate site editor for SearchCIO and SearchCompliance summarizes, What are the forces driving enterprise AI in 2019? Forrester Research breaks down five, CIO-tailored AI predictions for the upcoming year.

Companies dreamed big in 2018 in response to external pressures and a changing IT landscape. But many of those dreams met a harsh reality in the form of expenses, insufficient resources, cultural resistance and the realization that digital transformation is not easy.

That's according to a series of Forrester Research reports that address the gap between IT ambition and execution in 2018 -- especially when it came to implementing AI -- and predict what's in store for 2019...

Pragmatic AI 
What's that mean for enterprise AI journeys? Forrester predicted pragmatic AI -- to augment, automate and personalize -- will take hold in 2019, as CIOs let go of their grand, long-term AI ambitions and realize they have to work with what AI can do today, not what it will do tomorrow.

This will help enterprises rise above the widespread epidemic known as AI washing -- i.e., when a company's brands and products claim they involve AI, but the connection is tenuous or nonexistent.

Source: The TechTarget network