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Wednesday, December 05, 2018

8 facts about Omar Khayyam, the man who gave base to Gregorian calendar | India Today

He was a famous astronomer and invented Jalali Calendar became the base of other calendars and is also known to be more accurate than the Gregorian calendar, as IndiaToday reports

Omar Khayyam , famous mathematician, philosopher, poet and astronomer.
Omar Khayyam was a renowned mathematician, philosopher, poet and astronomer. He was the first mathematician to think about the 'Saccheri quadrilateral' in the 11th century.

Born on May 18 in 1048, Khayyam was a religious man one of the most renowned scholars of Khorasan province, where he used to work as an advisor to Malik Shah I. After the death of Shah I, he performed Hajj.

He died on December 04, 1131, and was buried in the Khayyam Garden.
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Source: India Today